What is the best bit of your course?

I love the farm based lectures – you learn a lot from them and it's great spending time with large working animals, rather than pets and things.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

I wasn't really prepared for the change in teaching style - it's very different from being spoon fed to pass exams at school. You have to work hard in your own time to understand all the different bits of the course. It's definitely worth it though.

How do you cope with money?

I was a bit all over the place in the first year and it showed in my bank balance! I've got a part-time job as a student ambassador now which brings in some extra money and I try to go out a bit less as most of my money (aside from bills) seems to go on socialising.

Where do you live?

I live in a shared flat which I found with some friends at the end of the first year. It's really different to halls as you really get to know your housemates. Luckily we all get on great (after we worked out how to pay the bills on time!).

Where will you be in ten years?

I'd love to travel and work in Africa and use my knowledge and skills to make a difference. For example, disease control in livestock has a big impact on people – not just the animals.

What do you wish you had known when you started university?

That you don't have to go overboard on buying equipment and books beforehand and in the first few weeks. Stay calm and work out what you really need. It will save a lot of money.

Top budgeting tip

Look for student deals in shops and buy second-hand clothes and furniture (if you need any). Also, don't buy brand name food, except ketchup!

Aisha's Summary

Tuition Fee loan £3290
Maintenance loan £3453
Maintenance grant £1370
Bursaries & further support £0
Savings £0
Termtime work £2240
Holiday work £576
Family and friends £0
Total Income £10929
Fees £3290
Insurance £40
Accommodation £2860
Utilities £658.50
Transport £476
Shopping £416
Socialising £900
Eating £1716
Study £346
Total Expenditure £10702.50
Balance £226.50